Solar workshop with EWB Nottingham

I have run a number of solar photovoltaic and off-grid power hands-on workshops and I recently ran another solar PV workshop with EWB Nottingham. This was a two hour workshop run at Nottingham hackspace.

Engineers Without Borders UK (EWB-UK) is a student run organisation trying to connect engineers with the field of international development. They do this through placements, training and outreach programs.




Here are the handouts from the day, along with some photos. It was a great turn out with 17 participants who built 4 small solar PV systems.

Testing various solar PV modules outside. It was grey and overcast so this did not go very well.

Wiring up an off-grid PV system to power different loads including: a phone charger, a light and a sound system.

Testing various solar PV modules under a bright light (used for making screen printing screens at the Hackspace).

The solar PV worksheet is available here:

Download the PDF file .

For additional information and further reading I would recommend  ‘Off-the-grid’ by Duncan Keridge et al and ‘A Practical Guide to Solar Photovoltaic Systems for Technicians’ by Jean-Paul Louineau.

Thanks to all who attended. I hope you had fun and I’ve given you a bit of inspiration to get off-grid.

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