Solar workshop for EWB and Royal Academy of Engineering

For the past four years I have been working with Engineers Without Borders UK to provide a training workshop for the Royal Academy of Engineering.

A number of modules have been developed to engage undergraduate engineers with the challenges of international development. I developed a hands-on practical solar PV workshop, which is used on the energy module. The challenge is to build an off-grid power supply for a remote community, thinking about the load required, the available resource and other factors.

Engineers Without Borders UK (EWB-UK) is a student run organisation trying to connect engineers with the field of international development. They do this through placements, training and outreach programs.

This workshop was run along with Jon Leary, who is researching the use of small wind turbines for remote electrification at Sheffield University. He presented an overview of energy in the context of development (using a presentation by Milan Dilor). He also ran a workshop assessing the feasibility of various renewables and a role-play activity, which greatly add to the practical workshop which I lead.

Here are some photos of the event, which was held in central London with 26 participants from around the country.

Jon Leary’s resource assessment exercise – looking at data and maps.

Presenting resource assessments.

Wiring up the PV powered off-grid power supply system in the hands-on workshop.

The slides from my presentation are available here:

Download the PDF file .

The solar PV worksheet is available here:

Download the PDF file .

Thanks to all who attended. I hope you had fun and I’ve given you a bit of inspiration to get off-grid.

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