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I recently ran a ‘how to make a Printed Circuit Board’ workshop at Nottingham Hackspace. I decided to design a simple Arduino-style prototyping board for everyone to make. This PCB was quite simple and single sided. There is a small area for prototyping and the correct connections are available to add standard Arduino shields. Here is the full design (made using KiCAD) and some photos of the event.

The presentation from the workshop is available here. Here is the finished board:

The bottom 6 pin header is used with an FTDI USB-serial lead (code: TTL-232R-3V3). This can be used to program the board. the reset (green) lead goes to the right (near the reset switch) while the ground (black) lead goes to the left.

There is some prototyping area on the board. It also has the shield pin outs, in case you’d like to use standard Arduino shields.

The circuit schematic is here. It looks complex due to the sets of interconnections, but they are just for the prototyping area.

Download the PDF file .

The PCB board is shown here:

Download the PDF file .

The silkscreen, which also shows the component placement is shown here:

Download the PDF file .

The KiCAD files (both schematic and PCB) are available to download from here as a zipped file.

Here are some photos of finished boards made on the evening. For those on the workshop: to finish the boards (in case you didn’t on the night), you will need to increas the size of the serial 6 way head pins to 1mm holes (they are drilled at 0.8mm). To fit the reset switch you will need to drill out those holes to 1.5mm, although the reset switch is not reequired for it to work correctly and you can just power down to reset. You will also need to add the small jumper wire at the top right of the IC.

Here are some more photos from the evening (thanks to Jake Howe for taking these while I was whittering on).

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  1. Thanks for running this workshop Matt. It was great fun and we got to make something really useful.

    Time for a robot I think 🙂


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