LILI pedal generator course

Last weekend I helped teach a course on DIY pedal generators along with Adam from Magnificent Revolution as one of the Low Impact Living Initiative (LILI) courses.

I really enjoyed teaching the course with 14 enthusiastic participants and having a mixture of taught information, practical hands-on sessions and discussion. We built four different pedal power configurations and explained generation, regulation, storage and power use.

The course and accommodation was in the LILI part of Redfield International Community, which is a really amazing housing cooperative of 25 people (15 adults and 10 children). The community is a large old mansion and 17 acres of land in rural Berkshire, around 15 miles from Milton Keynes, and has been running for over 30 years.

The Low Impact Living Initiative run a number of interesting courses relating to renewable energy, sustainable and low impact living.

Magnificent Revolution run a number of pedal power courses and the course notes and more pedal generator notes is available here:

I had mentioned a useful Home Power magazine article on battery charging graphs and how to measure voltage and state of charge.

There are loads of plans and info about pedal generators via google search but a few that are recommended and were mentioned on the course are:

  • David Butcher (US site)

  • Campaign for real events (UK based group)

  • Bicycology’s pedal generator build notes (UK based)

If anyone would like any help with electrical systems for pedal generators then please drop us a line.

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