We have recently opened The Curious Electric Company to sell our range of electronic kits.

We wanted to supply a range of kits which link us, via technology, to our environment. This inlcudes monitoring nature, measuring weather, interacting with the surrounding environment via sensors and displaying data for people to intereact with.

The Curious Electric Company specialise in creating electronic kits that help you monitor and measure the world around you, with clever data loggers and sensors you can take the pulse of your planet, collect and share data and knowledge with the world. Be informed – stay curious!

I started Renewable Energy Innovation over six years ago with a view to working on renewable and sustainable energy projects. My interest also lies in enabling people to fix, maintain and upgrade the technology that surrounds them. I believe this is important to help improve the long term sustainability of the electonic products around us.

I’ve enjoyed electronics since childhood and never lost the curiosity for how things work. I hope that you’ll find making your own gadgets from these kits will help you stay curious about your world and help you learn more about the amazing things we can do with electronics.

We have a number of kits that used to be supplied via this website, but we have also added some great kits from other suppliers, such as the amazing Solarbotics kits which mix solar energy, analog circuitry and robotics.

 All our kits will be sold via The Curious Electric Company from now on. Please have a look and let us know what you think.

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