Solar powered laptop

During 2007 this simple solar photovoltaic (PV) system has provided some of my energy needs (OK, a pretty small percentage I’ll admit). In total there are approximately 40W(peak) of PV panels. … more

Home-built solar thermal panel

This page describes the construction of a solar thermal collector. This integrates into a hot water system and ought to help reduce the boiler requirements through the summer months. This has been built mainly using scrap and recycled components. … more

Solar cooker ideas

In response to a friends challenge to make a solar cooker and prove it would work in the UK, the solar cooker shown below was built. Only scrap materials have been used, mainly based upon a piece of plastic mirror found in a skip … more

Beach hut solar PV system

Renewable Energy Innovation designed, installed and commissioned a small solar PV array for a beach hut in Mudeford, Nr Christchurch on the South coast of England. The hut is owned by the Timms family who wanted to power a fridge, lights and some small appliances (mobile phone chargers etc.) throughout the main season (from mid … more