LM2574 Voltage Regulator Kit

This is a simple voltage regulator kit based upon the LM2574 step-down regulator IC. If you have every needed to efficiently step-down a voltage from anything up to 60V DC to 5V regulated then this kit is for you. … more

Mini Amplifier Kit

This is a simple, low-cost amplifier kit based upon the LM386 amplifier IC. It has a maximum output power of 1W, which is good enough for amplifying mp3 players, phones and also the beeps and sounds from microcontroller projects. … more

DataDuino – Arduino data acquisition unit

The DataDuino data acquisition (DAQ) kit is designed to be robust and configurable but relatively simple. It is based upon the Arduino platform (using the Uno bootloader). It stores data to an SD card and uses a real time clock for accurate timestamping. The fastest resolution is 1 second sampling, up to 99999 second sampling. … more


Bat Detector

Welcome to fascinating world of bats! This bat detector device converts ultrasonic sounds created by bats and convert them down to a lower frequency so that we humans can hear them. … more

6 Digit LED Display

This is an all-in-one six digit 7-segment led display unit with an ATmega328 programmed with the Arduino bootloader. The displays can be used to count, time things or display numbers. The display is bright enough to use inside or out. … more

Serial LCD Display

This LCD display unit displays any data sent to it via a serial connection. It is based upon the ATmega328 and the Arduino Uno bootloader. This unit fits a number of 16 x 2 character LCD display units which use the Hitachi HD44780 driver. A back-light control line is also included. … more

Thermocouple Amplifier

This is a K-type (or J-Type) thermocouple amplifier which can be used to amplify the tiny voltage from a thermocouple to a higher voltage, readable by a microcontroller. Thermocouples can be used to measure very high temperatures, but they only output a very low voltage, hence the need for this amplifier. … more

Modular Pedal Power Displays

We have created a range of modular power monitors, regulators and displays. The basic modular unit has been designed for pedal generators within the range of 12-35V DC and up to 20A DC, but bespoke units for different voltage and current ratings are available. … more

7 Segment LED Board

This is a serially-interfaced 7 segment LED kit which can be linked together to create numerical displays. The LED display is a large 45mm/1.75″ unit with super-bright LEDs and is easily daylight visible. … more