No Weld Pedal Generator

DIY ‘No-welding’ pedal-powered generator plans

Here are full constructional plans for a do-it-yourself pedal generator, including the bicycle stand. This is designed so that there is no welding involved (as I do not have welding equipment). I have built two of these stands and they have proven to be quite reliable and robust. … more

Pedal power events

Pedal power is a great, inter-active demonstration of power generation and consumption. The effort required to pedal is a direct link to the power consumption of the loads. … more

Pedal power cinema

RE-Innovation joined forces with Magnificent Revolution to increase the pedal power capacity of Bristol. Check out Magnificent Revolution’s website for more details. This included a two-day workshop for a number of bicycle related community groups to produce four pedal power generators, a one-day public pedal power workshop and a two and a half hour pedal … more