Pedal Powered Water Cannons

With summer here and sun every so often shining through, we have recently been involved with loads of pedal powered activities. One recent event was pedal powered water cannons which was run as part of the Celebrate Cycling event at Nottingham University Jubilee Campus which was part of a larger programme of events celebrating 125 … more

Cycle Powered Cinema in Milton Keynes

Last Friday saw the Magnificent Revolution 20 bike cycle-in cinema being set up for the Milton Keynes Fringe Festival for an event organised by Independent Cinema MK. The event attracted loads of keen cyclists, both young and old. Team MK were there and pedalling for the whole 3 hours. We even had power generated by … more

Displays for pedal power demonstrations

I have recently finished a number of display and control units for pedal power demonstration systems. These projects have been in conjunction with Magnificent Revolution, who have been providing the actual pedal generators. The systems consist of: a shunt regulator (rated at 200W) to dump any excess power a LED bar graph display as a … more

Pedal powered Scalextrix

re-innovation have worked with London Bike Hub on a number of projects, providing their pedal powered sound system, bubble machine and pedal smoothie machines. London Bike Hub are involved with all activities related to the promotion of cycling, including cycle training, educational workshops to get people onto bikes and bicycle maintenance. They approached us to … more

Arcola Theatre Energy Bike Display

Re-innovation was recently comissioned to build the display system for an energy bike at the Arcola Theatre in Hackney, London. The energy bike is in the front-of-house at the theatre to help demonstrate and educate on energy consumption and efficiency. This display system fitted to a pedal generator built by Magnificent Revolution. It has a … more

Pedal Power for Magnificent Revolution Australia

Re-innovation was asked by Magnificent Revolution to help build an 8-bike pedal powered generator for use over in Australia. Greer Allen has started up Magnificent Revolution Australia and has been working with Magnificent Revolution in London. She will be taking the generator over to Australia for a cinema event in Sydney. She came up to … more

Pedal powered cinema at Portobello market

I have been working with Magnificent Revolution for a couple of years now. They do all things pedal power related such as pedal powered sound systems, stages for festivals and cinemas. They also do loads of pedal power workshops (build your own!) and educational events. I have been working on an LED power and energy … more

Pedalog software

Note: This has been depreciated and is not available any more. Please see the new version of this device. We have been developing software for use with the pedalog pedal power monitor, which is available from this page. This has been in conjunction with Dan Haughey of PoWWow Pedal Power. … more

Remote display for power and energy monitor

We already supply the pedalog – a power and energy monitor especially for pedal powered generators. It also works with other forms of energy generation such as solar and wind and also energy consumption of DC loads. One issue was displaying the data so that it is interesting and informative. One customer (Magnificent Revolution) asked … more

Pedal power charge regulator

Pedal power is a great, inter-active demonstration of power generation and consumption. Building your own pedal generator is also an amazing learning experience. There are a number of plans and designs around for the generator and stand (check out our own here), but information about the electrical systems is usually lacking. Here is a full … more

Pedalog – The pedal power monitor

Note: This has been depreciated and is not available any more. Please see the new version of this device. There are many pedal power generating devices around – from recharging batteries to powering sound systems and cinemas. These systems are great interactive exhibits for people to get a physical feel for the power and energy … more

Pedal-powered blender

A pedal powered blender for making smoothies at festivals and events had always seemed like a great idea. It brings in a number of concepts: firstly there is the ‘we don’t need electricity for everything’ idea, secondly it helps to demonstrate the concept of power in a interesting and practical way, thirdly it helps to … more