Voltage and Current Measurement Units

T4 Sustainability is an East Midlands based renewable energy design and installation company. Renewable Energy Innovation have worked with them a number of times on various projects. Recently they were contracted to design and install a solar PV testing rig for Coventry University. This was designed to be used to test PV modules and balance … more

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Accurate Voltage Measurement

I’ve been trying to accurately measure voltage for my open-source charge controller project. This project relies upon accurate measurement of voltage as this is used to control the regulator. I have been having some difficulty getting reliable and accurate voltage measurement, so I wanted to figure out why that was. I am using a simple … more

Battery Voltmeter

The battery voltmeter is a plug-in voltage monitor for 12V battery systems. This could be used in a car, caravan, on a boat or for your off-grid renewable energy system. … more

Using the DataDuino

To give an example of how easy it is to use the DataDuino, I have recently set one up on my off-grid solar power system. This measures the battery voltage and solar PV panel voltage, along with the outdoor and indoor temperatures. The voltage data will help me understand how much energy is going into … more

DataDuino – Arduino data acquisition unit

This┬ádata acuisition (DAQ) unit kit is designed to be robust and configuable but relatively simple. It is based upon the Arduino platform (using the Uno bootloader). It stores data to an SD card and uses a real time clock for accurate timestamping. The fastest resolution is 1 second sampling. Data acquisition is always useful to … more

Measuring AC current

For a recent project I was asked to measure the current from a solar photovoltaic (PV) system. This is a typical request as knowing the current is useful for control systems and for measuring power and energy. This blog post highlights some issues and ideas for measuring current. … more

Remote display for power and energy monitor

We already supply the pedalog – a power and energy monitor especially for pedal powered generators. It also works with other forms of energy generation such as solar and wind and also energy consumption of DC loads. One issue was displaying the data so that it is interesting and informative. One customer (Magnificent Revolution) asked … more

Pedalog – The pedal power monitor

Note: This has been depreciated and is not available any more. Please see the new version of this device. There are many pedal power generating devices around – from recharging batteries to powering sound systems and cinemas. These systems are great interactive exhibits for people to get a physical feel for the power and energy … more