Battery monitor design

Note: This is a work in progress and will be updated over time Overview This is the design specifications and the design choices for a battery monitor. This is designed as a fuel gauge for batteries within stand alone power supply systems, typically lead acid batteries. Please click here for reasons why we are working … more

Pedal shunt regulator design

Overview of the circuit This is a shunt regulator which is wired up as shown below, in-between the pedal generator and the storage component (this could be a capacitor or a battery). This design is based upon a hysteresis comparator. This means when the voltage goes above a set value the dump load will turn … more

Pedalog design

Note: This has been depreciated and is not available any more. Please see the new version of this device. Overview The pedalog is a power and energy monitor specifically designed for use with pedal generators. There are many pedal power generating devices around – for example: for recharging batteries, powering sound systems or cinemas. The … more

Micro hydro ELC design

Continuing from the work done by students on the Sheffield university e-futures course, we will be looking into the hardware and software design of an electronic load controller. Notes, experiments and ideas relating to this project will be posted here, hopefully leading to a full design. … more