CNC Milling Machine Upgrade

I’ve blogged a bit before on my small (300mm x 200mm) milling machine. This was broken, due to a power supply failure, and also, as it used the parallel port for stepper motor control, I needed to use an old legacy machine with a real-time linux kernel. Because of this I have barely been using … more

Milling PCBs on a CNC

I have a small CNC machine which I mainly used for accurately drilling PCBs. I have done a few experiments on milling PCBs and also here (ie. taking a sheet of copper clad board and cutting away copper where it is not needed). I realised quite quickly that the bed of the CNC must be … more

Upgrading CNC milling machine

We use a CNC milling machine here in the workshop of RE-Innovation. It is used mainly to drill holes for prototype PCB production. We have also used it to cut out pieces for front plates and for enclosures. It has been out of action for a while as the spindle motor brushes failed and the … more

CNC machine

re-innovation has just taken delivery of a CNC machine (Computer Numerically Controlled, for those who like to know). This machine will help with rapid prototyping of PCBs and cutting holes in enclosures and making parts. This blog post will include all the details relating to setting up and configuring the machine, along with problems encountered … more