Renewable Energy Innovation specialise in electrical and electronic systems for interesting and unusual renewable energy projects. We focus on renewable energy based stand-alone power supply systems (off-grid systems), but also work on grid-connected renewable energy supplies. This includes power and energy monitoring, battery charge control and wiring systems. Projects we have been involved with range from small, portable solar-powered systems, through human powered devices up to large multi-kilowatt photo-voltaic arrays. This page presents some of the projects we have worked on. We can design, build and test bespoke pieces of renewable energy equipment. Please contact us to talk about your project.

Pedal Power for Tour De Yorkshire

We were asked to provide bespoke pedal power activities for marketing company Creative Race as part of the Tour De Yorkshire. This was for Mugshots who are a sponsor of the race. The client required an interactive promotional activity based around cycling. Solution We provided a pedal power energy challenge where people raced against each … more

Four Bike Energy Challenge

PedalCents run pedal-powered fundraising events for primary & secondary schools, sports clubs, scout groups, charities and more. They already run a pedal-powered cinema which has proven to be very popular. They wanted to expand their range of activities and have a pedal power challenge for up to 4 competitors. Each person will be on a pedal-generator. … more

Interactive Wall

Light artist, maker and NESTA fellow Jo Fairfax, (of Jo Fairfax Studio) approached us to help build a prototype of on an interactive wall prototype. He needed control over a large number of motors to move circular disks within an array on a wall. … more

Battery Monitoring Units

Product Health work on remote monitoring of battery based power systems to ensure they are working and preempt any maintenance or repair which might be required. The product specification was to build a low-cost, re-programmable and accurate unit to measure current and voltage at a reasonably high sample rate and send that data, when called, … more

Eight Bike Pedal Powered Scalextric

The client arranges digital event services providing interesting activities for various clients around the world. They were running an event to celebrate the Formula One in Bahrain and they wanted an activity relating to the car race. The equipment needed to run for 4 weeks in an outdoor location in a hot and sandy environment. … more

Beach hut off-grid power system

Mr McEwen’s family have enjoyed a beach hut for holidays and short stays for several decades. Recently the beach hut has been rebuilt and to go with the renovation he wanted a power system for some relatively small loads including lighting, phone and tablet recharging and also a small refrigerator. There is no electricity connection … more

Pedal Powered DVD

Stubbington Study Centre is a Children’s Services facility available to schools and other pre-booked groups. The 14 acre site can provide residential accommodation to over 100 children and their teachers each week. One of the previous heads of the study centre passed away and to commemorate his work they wanted an interesting and interactive activity … more

Latrine Logger

1.8 billion people around the world don’t have access to safe water and 2.4 billion lack access to adequate sanitation. Women and children spend more than 4 hours walking for water each day, and more than 840,000 people die each year from water-related diseases. Water For People is an international non-profit working across 9 countries … more

The Prediction Machine

We were approached by artist Rachel Jacobs to work with her on ‘The Prediction Machine’: an interactive artwork which aims to engage the public with climate change issues via a fortune telling. She wanted the work to be interactive and have an element of human power. … more

Renewable Energy Educational Resources

Nottingham City Council environmental education section required a selection of renewable energy demonstration activities for use with school groups of various ages, mainly from 7 through to 14. They needed equipment which could be easily transported, assembled and packed-away, but configurable to a number of different designs. The activities needed to demonstrate the concepts of … more

Portable PV Power

Wild Stoves supply equipment for efficient outdoor cooking on wood. They run workshops on efficient burning of wood and sell equipment at a number of festivals over the summer. They wanted to be able to provide electrical power for the festivals they attend, but wanted all the equipment to be portable, all parts to be … more