We were approached by artist Rachel Jacobs to work with her on ‘The Prediction Machine’: an interactive artwork which aims to engage the public with climate change issues via a fortune telling. She wanted the work to be interactive and have an element of human power.


We worked in close collaboration with Rachel, Ian Jones (Sherwood Wood), Matthew Gates, Robin Shackford, Juliet Robson, Dr Candice Howarth and Dr Carlo Buontempo to create this machine.

The final unit was interactive and required a hand-crank to be turned to activate the unit. Real-world weather station data is used, along with future predictions from local residents, to create a personalised future prediction. A short video with your prediction is played and the prediction is printed out. The Prediction machine sign glows and pulsates depending upon the climate change prediction.

We designed, built and tested the human-powered hand-crank device to power the unit. This needed to be robust, but also fit in the the aesthetic of the machine. The hand-cranked generator powers the LCD screen in the unit, along with the audio amplifier.

We also worked to ensure control over all aspects of the unit, including the LCD screen, audio system and the prediction ticket printer. This needed regular connection with the other members of the team to ensure the final machine was as envisaged.

The Prediction Machine was installed in Loughborough from 1st to the 25th October 2014 and has toured other events since then.

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Client: Rachel Jacobs of Active Ingredient

Date: October, 2014