Magnificent Revolution were asked to provide a 4 day training week where the participants would build a large pedal-power system. One challenge was that the system needed to power a cinema for an event at the end of the week.

I have worked closely with Magnificent Revolution on a number of pedal powered projects and so they asked me along to help provide the training.

We built some of the equipment prior to the workshop, including the power control units and interactive displays.

The workshop was run in a bike maintenance training organisation, so our facilities were amazing and there were lots of bicycle parts available. We had around 8 participants and we built 12 pedal generators. We ran practical training sessions on:

Pedal power mechanisms Power control systems Batteries Inverters

The final set of equipment was cycled across Brussels and set up for their first event. We even managed to pedal power a microwave with it – but only for a few seconds.

This equipment has been left with a local community group for them to run pedal powered cinema events around the city.

Please contact us if you would like Re-Innovation to help with your project or provide a training course.

Client: Magnificent Revolution

Date: November, 2014