Engineers Without Borders UK (EWB-UK) is a student run organisation trying to connect engineers with the field of international development. They do this through placements, training and outreach programs.

We have run a number of solar photovoltaic and off-grid power hands-on workshops for various groups, including EWB-UK. This workshop was for the EWB- Sheffield branch and there were around 20 attendees from a wide range of backgrounds and courses.

This workshop is a practical hands-on workshop covering all aspects of designing a renewable energy based off-grid power supply.
Topics covered:

  • Why off-grid?
  • Resource assessment
  • Load assessment
  • Batteries and battery bank sizing
  • PV technology
  • Good wiring and installation methods
  • Operation and maintenance

This workshop is good for up to 25 people broken into around 4-5 groups. Each group will build their own solar PV powered off-grid system to power different loads, such as phone charging and lighting.

Please contact us if you would like Re-Innovation to help with your project or provide a training course.

Client: Engineers Without Borders Sheffield

Date: December, 2016