PedalCentsĀ run pedal-powered fundraising events for primary & secondary schools, sports clubs, scout groups, charities and more. They already run a pedal-powered cinema which has proven to be very popular.

They wanted to expand their range of activities and have a pedal power challenge for up to 4 competitors.

Each person will be on a pedal-generator. They then have 30 seconds to generate as much power as they can. The winner is the person who generates the highest power level within the time.

They wanted this activity to be large and visual for maximum effect.

They also wanted the equipment to be as portable as possible.


We designed and built a special control box which measures the power output from up to 4 different bikes.

We also developed a modular high-brightness LED unit which can be connected together to create huge displays, up to 3m tall!

There was also a large-format timer LED display.

The control unit can be controlled with a remote control, or by the buttons on the side of the unit.

The data is streamed via a wireless connection to a local computer which can display the results in real time. This computer can also record all the data from every race which can be processed later.

We are very happy with the modular LED units and hope to use these in many different projects.

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Client: PedalCents