Mr McEwen’s family have enjoyed a beach hut for holidays and short stays for several decades. Recently the beach hut has been rebuilt and to go with the renovation he wanted a power system for some relatively small loads including lighting, phone and tablet recharging and also a small refrigerator. There is no electricity connection easily available in the location, hence a stand-alone system is required.


We have installed a number of off-grid systems on beach-huts, caravans, mobile homes and canal boats. Mr McEwen had seen one of these systems and hired us to design, supply and fully install a system on his renovated hut.

We worked closely with him to firstly assess the load requirements, then to design a solar electricity system. The final design utilised three solar PV modules, a battery bank and good quality charge controller. We also built a new outdoor lockable enclosure for the batteries and some of the electrical system.

We used efficient LED lighting throughout, including the three small bedrooms. The system has a small ultra-efficient fridge for keeping a few items cool while they are staying at the property.

The final system will be providing renewable energy to their beach hut holidays for many years to come.

“We asked Matt to complete the design and build for our solar setup at our beach hut in Wrabness in 2016. He was extremely knowledgeable and conscientious and very helpful, not only with the initial design & build but also in explaining the detail of the system and in after sales / queries. We can’t recommend him highly enough.” – Ben McEwen

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Client: Mr McEwen

Date: April, 2016