Pedal power is a great, inter-active demonstration of power generation and consumption. The effort required to pedal is a direct link to the power consumption of the loads.

Using human power was the first form of sustainable energy. It is available on demand, in any weather condition and lasts as long as the person can sustain the effort.

A typical person pedaling can generate around 50 to 75W for a length of time (typically hours), or around 200-300W for short bursts (minutes), or up to 700W for very short bursts (seconds).

RE-Education has been building pedal generators for over 10 years and we have gone through many prototype stages. We now have a number of pedal powered generators for various uses.

Some events that RE-Innovation have been involved with include: The Dulwich Show, West London Green Festival, Ealing Green Fair, Nottingham Green Festival and numerous small events in the Nottingham area.

We have a number of interactive pedal powered devices available for hire:

  • Children’s pedal generator with bubble machine or water fountain
  • Adult’s pedal generator with sound system, lights and bubble machine
  • Pedal powered blender – pedal your own smoothie

Please contact us for more information or bookings.

Please have a look at the information pages for details about building your own pedal generator.

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