Milling PCBs on a CNC

I have a small CNC machine which I mainly used for accurately drilling PCBs. I have done a few experiments on milling PCBs and also here (ie. taking a sheet of copper clad board and cutting away copper where it is not needed). I realised quite quickly that the bed of the CNC must be … more

I have created life!….

Ive been sorting out the workshop here and found a project that I started around 12 years ago. I thought I would finish it and make it do something fun. The project was an 8 x 8 LED grid. I used high brightness blue LEDs. I wanted it to display something interesting and varying. I … more

Bat Listener enclosure

I’ve been wanting to design a nice enclosure for the Bat Listener kit which I sell on-line and recently I found the time to build and test a prototype. I used laser-cut plywood and the slots and t-nut holder method, as shown here. I built in some additional segments to hold the battery and keep … more

Adaption project

Just to prove that I can be cultured and appreciate ‘the arts’, I thought I would post photos of an art project I have been involved with. Around two years ago I was asked to build the control system for an art installation called ‘Adaption’, by Becky and Katy Beinart. It has recently been installed … more

Graphing Data in Processing

Following on from my first forray into Processing, I needed to display some data in a simple graph, with time as the X axis and scaled data value as the Y axis. I thought I would post what I came up with here, as I think its quite nice (although perhaps not the best designed … more

Using Processing 2.0

I wanted to use the computer language ‘Processing’ to read data from a serial port and record the data. Here are my collected notes on doing this. Processing is an open-source programming language which has been designed to teach computer programming fundamentals through a visual environment. It is the basis of the language used for … more

Solar PV workshop 2013

To celebrate the recent sunny weather, RE-Innovation will be running another solar PV workshop on Saturday August 31st from 11am to 5pm. In this work shop you will build one of our 10Wp solar DIY kits. We will also cover: Solar Photovoltaic technologies Resource assessment Load assessment System design Building and taking home a working … more

Upgrading CNC milling machine

We use a CNC milling machine here in the workshop of RE-Innovation. It is used mainly to drill holes for prototype PCB production. We have also used it to cut out pieces for front plates and for enclosures. It has been out of action for a while as the spindle motor brushes failed and the … more

Power Meter Prototype

Just finished putting together a simple power display with a large LED output, so here is a quick post. This has been built using the new re-designed pedalog and three of the 7 segment LED boards.   … more

Heating control panel

T4 Sustainability are an East Midlands based renewable energy and energy efficiency consultancy. They provide advice on energy consumption and efficiency and also provide MCS accredited installations of renewable energy equipment, including solar thermal system and solar PV. Recently they asked re-innovation to build a control panel for the control of a heating system for … more

Solar PV and the DataDuino

As I have detailed in a previous blog post, I have set up a DataDuino on to my off-grid solar power system. This measures the battery voltage, along with the outdoor and indoor temperatures. The voltage data will help me understand how much energy is going into and being drawn from the battery. My off-grid … more

Printed Circuit Board workshop

I recently ran a ‘how to make a Printed Circuit Board’ workshop at Nottingham Hackspace. I decided to design a simple Arduino-style prototyping board for everyone to make. This PCB was quite simple and single sided. There is a small area for prototyping and the correct connections are available to add standard Arduino shields. Here … more