I have built an environmental monitoring unit for my workshop. This measures:

It shows the data on a small OLED screen. There is a large LED RGB display which changes colour if data goes above warning levels. This unit sends data to AdafruitIO via MQTT messages. This is all based on the ‘Cheeseboard’, which is an ESP8266 development board, based upon the NodeMCU.

Pretty pleased with the end result. You can view my data here on Adafruit IO dashboard. (Please note: there are a few blips in the data from testing – it should be pretty stable now).

 The (not very pretty and pretty darn hacky) code for this project is available on github here. I hope to find some time to clean it up, but wanted to get it working and running first, just to check it’s all working OK.

Look forward to monitoring this over time and potentially implementing some IFTTT alerts…

Please note: This blog post also appears on my blog at The Curious Electric Company. I hope to look at producing an environmental monitoring citizen science kit soon…

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