Re-innovation was asked by Magnificent Revolution to help build an 8-bike pedal powered generator for use over in Australia. Greer Allen has started up Magnificent Revolution Australia and has been working with Magnificent Revolution in London. She will be taking the generator over to Australia for a cinema event in Sydney.

She came up to Nottingham to build the main power equipment and wire it all up and test it. We had a fun week crimping, drilling and waiting for packages to arrive. She kept a great blog with photos here.

We only worked on the power system boxes, as the generators and bike stands will be built back in Oz. The system is pretty nice (I’m slightly jealous now – I need to build a new one for myself). It uses circuit breakers so that there is no fiddling with fuses. It is designed in three parts. There are two 4-bike systems which can be used on their own and one power connection box to fit the two 4-bike systems together and make an 8 bike system. All the systems can be used with or without batteries. Its designed to be pretty plug and play.

The wiring diagrams for the boxes and interconnection set-ups are here, in case anyone would like to make their own. We are also working on a fault-finding sheet.

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        1. Hi,
          Really sorry – both those DROK and KKmoon links are both wrong! They are boost. Sorry, I thought it was a buck.

          For my generators, I always need just a buck converter. This relates to the output voltage even from very gentle pedalling is usually >12V for my generators.
          I use 36V hub generators and 24V roller generators with 25mm rollers.

          Here are some buck (step-down) converters for around 20A which should do:

          You need to be careful you do not over-voltage them, as their inputs are only for up to 40V.

          This one can take up to 60V (its a buck/boost again, but it does the buck element):


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