These are the specifications for the open-source charge controller project. These will be used to produce the final design.

This is part of the open-source charge controller project.


Design specificaions:

  • Battery bank nominal voltage: 12 – 24 DC, (up to 48V would be good).
  • Actual voltage range: 10-32V DC, (or up to 65V DC for 48V system).
  • Current range: 0 – 20A DC

Required options (must have):

  • Re-programmable
  • Adjustable set-points (different types of batteries)
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Over current protection

Useful options (nice to have):

  • Battery voltage indication,
  • Could be either series or shunt regulator,
  • Low Voltage Disconnect,
  • Voltage display,
  • Current display,
  • On-board data storage,
  • Maximum power point tracking,
  • Over voltage protection

Please visit the hardware and software pages for the full design, including design decisions and testing.

You can buy a kit here.

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