Note (9/10/13): This is a work in progress and there are no kits available yet. Please watch this space or email us if you are interested.

Here you can buy a kit of the open-source charge controller. This includes all parts and a pre-programmed microcontroller.

Full instructions for making your kit are available here.

If you would just like to see the design then please visit the hardware and software pages.

If you build a kit or use the deign at all then please let us know. We would love any feedback. Let us know if you would like to get involved with the project.

One response to “Charge Controller Project – Kit

  1. Hi, I would love to evaluate your kit and give you the feedback of the unit.

    I am interested in connecting your kit to my solar tracker (under construction) and would like to log the data for performance monitoring.

    Could you just send me an indication of price along with the shipping charges ?



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