Over the past two years a number of people have been working on a series of books for Engineers Without Borders placement volunteers.

These books are designed to cover the basics of the theoretical, practical and social aspects of doing engineering projects for devlopment. They are meant as a basic guide, a collection of case studies and links to further information.

I have helped co-athour the Energy book and it has been published and released as a free .pdf and as an on-demand hardcopy (£20 + p&p).

I’m very proud of the final result which, I think, is an amazing resource.

The book I worked on is part of a series of books including ‘Energy’, ‘Pre-Departure‘ and ‘Transport‘. It is free to download as a pdf or buy (£20 plus p&p) a softbound copy from the Engineering In Development website.

‘This book offers much needed insight into the development and implementation of energy provision … it provides an important prompt for any professionals involved in the contemporary energy sector’
Heather Cruickshank, Centre for Sustainable Development,
University of Cambridge

It is available as a free .pdf download here as well:

Download the PDF file .

The book is meant to be a base of work to build upon and EWB-UK will add more case studies and information as their knowledge base expands.

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