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This TV-B-Gone kit is a ‘disruptive technology device’ designed to switch off annoying and unnecessary televisions.

The TV-B-Gone was conceived by hack-hero Mitch Altman. It is designed emit the ‘OFF’ code for the majority of TVs in Europe and the US. Basically it is a TV remote control which only has the power button. It is designed to turn off inappropriate TVs, such as unwatched ones in public spaces. It is a commercial product, but Mitch has also worked with Adafruit industries to have an open-source design.

A kit of all parts including a professional circuit board is available for £15 including free P&P within the UK. SPECIAL PRICE! This kit is now only £8 including delivery within the UK!! This is to clear the last few kits I have in stock.


Above is the completed kit.

Here are the parts included in the kit.

A TV-B-Gone kit costs £8 including free delivery within the UK. Please click on the Buy It Now button below, or email us:

TV-B-Gone Kit delivery options


A close up of the circuit board.

We developed this version of the kit as a soldering project for Nottingham hackspace, hence it is a bit random on a site mainly to do with renewable energy – I suppose it is related to energy efficiency when switching off unwated TVs. I am using v1.2 as shown on the LadyAda website. A blog post on the prototype is here.

Here are the instructions for building this unit.

Download the PDF file .

One response to “TV-B-Gone

  1. Assembled it this morning.
    Went up the town for a refreshing beer this arvo
    On the way, I turned off the TVs in the hifi shop from outside.
    Went into the betting shop but chickened out of using it.
    In the pub, I covertly turned off the TV and then went to sit a the end of the bar. Tried it from time to time, it turned on some arab station to the consternation of the bar staff.
    Great fun.

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