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This is a simple, low-cost amplifier kit based upon the LM386 amplifier IC.

It has a maximum output power of 1W, which is good enough for amplifying mp3 players, phones and also the beeps and sounds from microcontroller projects.

Please note: This kit has one surface mount component, the LM386, which is good for those learning to solder surface mount components, but not best for people new to soldering. The rest of the parts are through-hole.

It is available for just £6 (including delivery within the UK).


This is a simple, low-cost mono amplifier kit which can put out up to 1W. It is based upon the LM386 amplifier IC. It can be powered from 5-12V DC.
It can be used to amplify beeps and sounds from mp3 units, phones or from microcontroller projects.
There is an on-board volume adjustment with a potentiometer.

Either the surface mount or the through hole LM386 can be used on the circuit board. I supply this kit with the surface mount version, so that people can practice surface mount soldering. All other components are through-hole.

This board is a relatively simple soldering exercise and should take around 1 hour to build.

This was originally built to amplify the ‘voice’ of a robot I built to do tours of Nottingham Hackspace. A few people asked me about the amplifier, so I decided to put together a few kits.

Making your own amplifier is a great learning exercise. This simple kit can add volume to your projects, or can be used as a stand-alone mini-amplifier for your phone or mp3 player.

This kit includes a surface mount component, which makes it good for people wanting to learn to solder surface mount components.

Buy One

You can buy one from me directly here:

LM386 Kit delivery options


The parts in the kit.


The build instructions are here:

Download the PDF file .

Schematic Diagram

This is the circuit diagram.

KiCAD PCB files

The design is open source and available as a download from GITHUB (coming soon)


I ran this as a workshop at Nottingham hackspace. They all worked first time!



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