Automatic Cable Cutting Machine

Following on from my post about mass production, here is a bit of a post about a crazy challenge I set myself. For the LEEDR data acquisition(DAQ) units and for my DIY solar PV kit I needed to cut a number of pieces of wire and cable to an exact length. For example: the DAQ … more

Mass production (almost)

I have recently been building a number of data acquisition (DAQ) units for the LEEDR project at Loughborough University. The unit is an Arduino based DAQ which stores a number of temperatures and flow rates onto an SD card. A real time clock is used to timestamp the data and the output is a .csv … more

Why access to a hackspace is important…

I’ve not done a blog post for a while – there has not been quite enough time to write up projects – but loads has been going on. I wanted to write quick piece about having access to computer controlled tools and the benefits of a hackspace….   … more

Arcola Theatre Energy Bike Display

Re-innovation was recently comissioned to build the display system for an energy bike at the Arcola Theatre in Hackney, London. The energy bike is in the front-of-house at the theatre to help demonstrate and educate on energy consumption and efficiency. This display system fitted to a pedal generator built by Magnificent Revolution. It has a … more

Solar bike trailer

I’ve found some time to take a few photos of a project that I have been working on for a couple of years now, my solar bike trailer. I have recently done a re-vamp of this trailer and thought I’d put up some images and explain what its all about. The solar bike trailer contains … more

Making PCBs with a CNC machine

We use a small CNC (computer Numerical Control) machine to cut accurate holes in things, drill circuit boards and to mill 3D items. I recently spent the day (along with Ashfaq Juna, who lent one of his CNC machines to Nottiingham Hackspace) playing with my CNC machine and trying to mill circuit boards. These are … more

Programming XRF with new firmware

I have been playing around with the XRF wireless module from CISECO. They come with firmware which makes the XRF act like a serial link (ie. serial data sent in one end will come out of another XRF in range). This is a typical set-up and how I have used them before. Other firmware has … more

Automatic seed sprouter

I enjoy sprouted beans and seeds. They need watering a couple of times a day, but I am often away for a few days and hence my sprouts dry up. So I used high-tech to help solve this and created my electronic automatic super sprouter. This is basically a timed pump which waters the sprouts … more

Pedal powered cinema in Sydney

A few months ago re-innovation helped Magnificent Revolution Australia build their 8-bike pedal powered cinema. They recently used the pedal generator for a high-profile event in the heart of Sydney. More photos from the event are on their website here. It looked like a great event. This followed the general design used for the Magnificent … more

Pedal smoothie bike for London BikeHub

A year or so ago I was asked to build a pedal powered generator and pedal powered smoothie machine for London Bike Hub. Recently they asked me to build another smoothie bike for their events promoting cycling in London and beyond. This time I thought I’d take a few photos of it before I deliver … more

RGB LED unit

This is a quick post on an LED lighting rig I have been working on. This is an RGB (Red Green Blue) unit which is designed to fit into a standard halogen light housing. The LED board is a commercial unit but I built a programmable colour control circuit.   … more

Voltage regulators a go go

I’ve been spending some of today working on a couple of voltage regulators, so I thought I’d write it up here as it might be useful. The first one is a simple 12V to 5V linear regulator to recharge various USB devices – the interesting part of this is getting an iPhone 3G to charge … more