Fun with Neo-Pixels

We needed to hightlight some locations on a very large map (3m x 4m!). These locations needed to be lit up as a pedal powered race between two people and needed to display which person had lit them up first.

We developed some LED ‘pixels’ based on 24 LED Neo-pixel rings. These lit up in a different colour depending upone who generated the most energy.

So whoever pedalled the fastest would light the location in their team colour (either red or blue in this case).

We developed a plastic laser-cut encolsure that was easy to put together but quite robust and with a diffused cover to make the ring look more like a dot.


The files for laser cutting these units is available to download here as a .PDF. Please contact us for the .DXF if you would like it!

The lights were controlled by an Arduino Nano and were put into two strings of 5 pixels each (so 5 x 24 LEDs per string = 120 LEDs per output).

Here is some video of the lights in action:

Here are some more photos of the LED lights and control box:

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