Open Source Building Management System PCB

We worked recently with our friends at T4 Sustainability to produce some Raspberry Pi breakout boards for their Open Source Building Energy Management System (oBeMS) project.

oBeMS is a project to produce an integrated building management system which comprises of sensors, actuators, control and monitoring systems.


More information and an overview of the project is available here:

They are using the Raspberry Pi as the system monitor and network connection. Together we produced a breakout PCB which contains:
  • Area to hold RPi models B/B+/2
  • AC-DC power supply – for 5V power
  • Watchdog timer – for resetting the RPi in case of problems
  • Temperature sensor connections – for Dallas 1-wire sensors
  • ADC – with up to 16 analog inputs
  • 24 digital inputs – with pull-up/ground conenctions
  • 8 LED outputs
  • Small prototyping area

The RPi is loaded with the oBeMS software. This is available via T4 Sustainability.

If you are interested in this project then please email T4 Sustainability.


The populated PCB with a RPi 2+
Showing all the components. The large black unit is the 240V to 5VDC regulated power supply. This is medical grade output.

All connectors are plug-in screw terminals. The AC supply can be seen to the right. This unit is designed to be fully enclosed in an enclosure to ensure AC safety.

The schematic is here as a .pdf:

Download the PDF file .

The PCB design is here as a .pdf:

Download the PDF file .

Design files

This is an open source project and all design files are available here:

The PCB design has been produced with KiCAD.

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