Wind Empowerment Development Week

A few weeks ago I headed down to rural France, near Toulouse to take part in a week-long Development Camp working on wind turbine measurement for the group Wind Empowerment.

About 10 people came from all parts of Europe, along with people joining via Skype from all parts of the world.

We discussed ideas and specifications and prototyped equipment for monitoring wind resource and remote monitoring and managing wind turbines.

This development week was all about monitoring and recording data from wind turbines.

This included:

  • Wind speed
  • Wind direction
  • Rotation speed
  • Current, both AC and DC
  • Voltage, both AC and DC

We first set about specifying the requirements of an ideal data logging and monitoring system.

This was drawn up into an overview system diagram.

Each of the various blocks was discussed and all ideas relating to each section of the unit were discussed. This means that we will all be working towards the same standards and interfaces, even if we don’t all use the same hardware.

There were some interesting projects shown by the attendees including:

A really nice education wind turbine generator.

3D printed educational turbine blades

This was an anemometer calibration test rig (using my data logger to record the pulses).

We used English as the working language, but French was the language of food and drinks in the evening. We had an amazing constant stream of great communal cooking from the attendees.


Lots of the information was recorded during the week in a series of blog posts.

There was also a summary blog post written:


We settled on using GITHUB and a GITHUB wiki for the project documentation and status.

The GITHUB account is available here:

The Wiki relating to the project is here:


The event was mainly coordinated by Gilou, who lives in the amazing L’ilegal – a large workshop and communal living space.

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