Power Meter Prototype

Just finished putting together a simple power display with a large LED output, so here is a quick post.

This has been built using the new re-designed pedalog and three of the 7 segment LED boards.


Here is the unit in action:

Here is a video of the unit in action (with some boring commentary from me):

This can monitor DC power flowing from input to output. It works in the range of 8-35V DC and 0-50A DC, which is up to 600W for a 12V system.

It was originally designed as a power display for the large pedal generator system of Magnificent Revolution.

It could also be used to show variation in solar power from a solar panel, DC power from a wind turbine or power consumption of an automotive device.

We are pretty pleased with it here. The enclosure design (documented here) needs a few tweaks, but the function of the unit is perfect. These units will cost around £125 each, fully built and tested. Drop us an email if you are interested in this or something similar. They can be connected to a computer (via a USB to Serial lead) and the data is streamed via a serial connection.

The design of the new version of the pedalog will be documented soon.

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