Heating control panel

T4 Sustainability are an East Midlands based renewable energy and energy efficiency consultancy. They provide advice on energy consumption and efficiency and also provide MCS accredited installations of renewable energy equipment, including solar thermal system and solar PV.
Recently they asked re-innovation to build a control panel for the control of a heating system for Brambles Housing Cooperative in Sheffield. They have installed a solar thermal system integrated along with a wood burner for hot water and heating. This starts to provide some control challenges as the system must fail safe in all situations, including power cuts.
The temperatures must be monitored and heat dumped to various loads if there is too much heat. The control system wiring was designed by T4 Sustainability, with re-innovation sourcing most of the parts and wiring the panel.

The finished unit, with numerous indicators to show the status of everything.

The internal wiring, with three relays and various connecttors

The parts before the build – everything is DIN rail mounted.

Edit 9/5/13: The unit has been installed and has been functioning correctly for a while. Here are some photos of the unit wired up and in action:



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  1. It must have been installed for about a year now, so it’s done its first winter.

    Feedback from users is good, and system is working well !

    Many thanks Matt !

    Cheers, J/.

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