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I’ve found some time to take a few photos of a project that I have been working on for a couple of years now, my solar bike trailer. I have recently done a re-vamp of this trailer and thought I’d put up some images and explain what its all about.

The solar bike trailer contains everything needed to instantly have solar power access. It has a 50Wp adjustable solar panel which folds down for transport and an 80Ah battery for storage. There is an in-built 400W sound system (amplifier and speakers), a 200W sine-wave inverter (for AC supply), a number of 12V DC outlets (including car-type cigar sockets), USB charging sockets and lights (both for night travel and for evening use). I’m pretty pleased with it and it is currently providing sounds and power supply to my laptop as I write this.

This frame for the trailer was bought around 10 years ago and is a German manufactured bike trailer with a ball and socket type connector to a bike. It came with a plastic bucket to carry things. I built a wooden box to fit the trailer, but allow it to be removed and the plastic bucket put back in.

A 50Wp mono-crystalline solar PV panel is used, which can fold down flat and have a wooden cover over it for protection during transportation.

A 400W loudspeaker system and 360W 12V car amplifier is built in. You get a few vibrations at high volumes, but its pretty good.

It is waterproof, so can be left out in the rain, using waterproof fabric and velcro to seal against rain. This has worked pretty effectively during a couple of downpours.


A waterproof guard protects the control switches and output sockets.

  The solar panel is adjustable for different dates of the year, but you have to point it south. There is a magnetic catch to hold the adjust arm secure when transported.


 One of the lids has been painted with blackboard paint for a reusable instant advertising board.

 The trailer houses a load of fun things: The amplifier, speaker, battery, inverter, USB charger and a load of power sockets.

 There is a light mounted to help you check inside the trailer when its dark.

 A range of 12V DC power output sockets and the control switches are on the exterior of the trailer.

 Inside an old iPod provides the tunes. This can be recharged via the USB sockets.

 A 200W Studer Joker pure sine wave inverter can provide AC power, if required.

 Here is the battery and the wiring. The wiring looks a bit crazy, but is pretty ordered and all goes to common bus bars so I can easily remove and add different devices. Everything is protected via re-settable fuses.

 Inside the battery connects via an Anderson connector (50A version) and has a battery isolator switch in case of extreme shut down.

 The back of the trailer has an in-built flashing red LED light so that cars can see it. Its the brake light from some vehicle, bought from a car boot sale.  There are stabilising ‘legs’ built from a couple of old push scooters. These allow the trailer to stay level rather than tipping forward or back.

 Now I just need to take it out to sunny events, let me know if you need power at you local event…..

5 responses to “Solar bike trailer

  1. Hi Matthew, great job! I liked a lot your details!

    I found your blog searching for solar trailers etc. I, too am making some tests for my powered multipurpose bicycle trailer e today made a first test-drive ( not yet published, but I think will be this night).

  2. Hi Stephan,
    Sounds interesting. I’d love to see it.
    Please add a link to your post!,


    Quoting Stephan:ok, the post of my solartrailer is published.

  3. Hi again Stephan,
    That trailer is really great. I love the hub motor in the wheel. That would be a great addition for mine as its pretty difficult to take it up steep hills. How do you find the preformance with the motor in just one wheel? Does it push to one side?
    It also looks like you get a bit more sun (it takes a while for mine to charge in the UK ‘sunshine’)…
    Great stuff – keep me informed of your latest designs and ideas,


    Quoting Stephan:Hi Matthew, thank you for your answer. I posted my website in your comment request but perhalps not appears.
    Here is the address of mey blog again:

    Would like to read your comments to my funny” re-inventions” like my tricycle and mini sailboat too, 😉

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