RGB LED unit

This is a quick post on an LED lighting rig I have been working on. This is an RGB (Red Green Blue) unit which is designed to fit into a standard halogen light housing.

The LED board is a commercial unit but I built a programmable colour control circuit.


The LED board is a design by Big Clive (whose great website has loads of “things to make and do”). The board is available here, along with construction details. I was given this board by Ben of Phenoptix, an LED and other interesting parts supply company based in Nottingham (who is also a Nottingham Hackspace member).

I used a picaxe 08M microcontroller board, as they are simple, quick and easy to get going. There is a home-built mosfet power stage (3 x mosfets) which control the RGB channels, a 12 to 5V regulator and the LED board.

Parts fit into an old halogen light fitting housing. This was a 150W halogen housing. With all LEDs ON this unit now consumes 5W.

A bad resolution photo showing red.

A bad resolution photo showing blue.

The completed unit switched off.

Here is a short video of the unit in action.

If you are interested in the PICAXE code (which is very simple) then please get in touch.The program can be made to load more interesting things, such as reacting to sound or being used to vary the colour to show the status of something. Possibilities are pretty endless.

If you’d like on of these yourself then either make one or drop me an email and if there is enough interest I might create a controller kit.

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