Pedal smoothie bike for London BikeHub

A year or so ago I was asked to build a pedal powered generator and pedal powered smoothie machine for London Bike Hub. Recently they asked me to build another smoothie bike for their events promoting cycling in London and beyond. This time I thought I’d take a few photos of it before I deliver it.

If you would like to build your own, I have created an instructable with details of making your own smoothie bike. My new version is a bit different as I now have access to a metal lathe.

If you would like to hire a pedal powered sound system or smoothie bike in the London area then drop London Bike Hub a line. Read on to see some photos of their new smoothie machine…

The finished unit.

A standard ‘turbo trainer’ is used as the stand and the roller onto the wheel.

A machined connector connects the roller to the flexible drive shaft. Check out the instructable for info on these parts.

The flexible drive takes power to rotate the blades of a blender. This is a purely mechanical device.

The flexible drive spins the blades of a commercial blender unit. This unit has had all the electrical parts removed as they are not needed.

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