Workshop PV system

The workshop at re-innovation is a unit within the Hopkinson Gallery in central Nottingham, run by The Art Organisation. This is a not for profit group for the promotion of arts and creativity within the community.

re-innovation has been at this site for over a year and has installed a small solar photovoltaic system to run a few of the electrical loads.

This system comprises 2 x 90Wp Lorentz high efficiency solar modules, wired in parallel at 12V DC. This feeds a 140Ah lead-acid battery. A BP solar charge regulator is used to ensure the batteries are not overcharged. We use one of our prototype battery monitors to measure the energy generated (21.8kWh in 2010). We run a number of devices at 12V (sometimes through a DC/DC converter) including a laptop computer and LED lighting. A 250W pure-sine wave inverter is used to power small tools (such as the soldering irons) and test equipment.

This system is used as a test-bed for the battery monitors and charge regulators that we develop. It is always good to ‘live’ with a product to test it and find out how it performs on a real system.

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