Cargo bike for eco-transport

We have recently increased our load carrying potential here at re-innovation. I do not have a car (although I do have access to a car share group) so moving things around has usually meant perching large loads onto the pannier rack of my bike. This has now totally changed with the addition of a 8-freight cargo bike to the pedal powered devices of re-innovation.



The bike started life with a carbon neutral courier company in Nottingham (WEGO carbon neutral). It had around two years use there (maybe more) and during that time got fitted with a 500W Heinzmann electric hub motor. We purchased it when they had upgraded their pedal fleet.

Carrying a crazy amount of apples to be pressed… and the press to an event for Abundance Nottingham

The bike is a cargo bike called the “8-freight” and designed by Mike Burrows Engineering (he’s famous for racing bike design). The bike is amazingly stable to ride even with a big load. The electric assist helps with uphills and getting started at lights (easily out-accelerating the cars), but, due to the small wheel diameter, does not go really fast.

It has been carrying some really heavy loads recently including apples for the Abundance Nottingham project, surplus tech equipment for Nottingham Hackspace and tools for re-innovation. I really enjoy riding it  – it might look a bit whacky but I think its one form of cargo movement that we should see lots more of in towns and cities.

Moving equipment for Nottingham Hackspace

Please read this great article from low-tech magazine on the use of cargo bikes for lots of reasons why cargo bikes are a great idea.

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