Cable for Xino (Ciseco Arduino clone) to FTDI

I have recently been using these ‘arduino’ clone microprocessor boards from Ciseco, called the Xino. They are a very inexpensive way of going from an Arduino prototype to use in a one-off product. They do not incorporate an FTDI USB to TTL converter chip, which reduces cost and, once programmed, the FTDI chip is not useful if the board is incorporated into a product. The Xino is a great design though, with a useful on-board prototyping area.

This means that we need to use an external FTDI USB to TTL cable to program the device. I had already obtained one of these for a different arduino clone board (the diavolino) but this had a 6 pin header pin and needed to interface to the 5 pin head of the Xino. This took longer than I thought, hence I thought I would write this post for others in the same situation.

The data for the FTDI cable is here, the layout of the Diavolino is here and the layout of the Xino is here. The main piece of data which was missing was that a 100nf capacitor is required between the RTS# line of the FTDI and the RST line of the Xino.

Here is my slightly rough and ready cable…

I can now easily upload my sketches and have a nicely made, inexpensive microcontroller board.

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