V3 wind turbine

Renewable Energy Innovation was asked to help install a small (700W) hand-built wind turbine on Shabel Farm, an organic dairy farm in Oberner Stollenhof, Nr. Rechburg, Schwabel Gmund, Germany.
The wind turbine was based upon Hugh Piggotts design and had been built by Matthias Kössler, after he had been on one of V3 Power’s wind turbine building courses.


The installation involved completing the wind turbine, installing the tower and guy points and installing the electrical system. An SMA Windy Boy 1100LV inverter was used, along with an over-voltage protection system.

A report on the installation is available here.
V3 Power stayed in Germany to organise two more wind turbine building courses (at Witzenhausen University and Kassel University).

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