Battery Monitor Units

We have recently been working with Product Health to develop some hardware for monitoring battery banks in off-grid systems. Product Health are working on remote monitoring of systems to ensure they are working and pre-empt any maintenance or repair which might be required. The product specification was to build a low-cost, reprogrammable and accurate unit … more

Datalogger Overview

We have been working with Wind Empowerment to specify the features of an open-source data logger unit for members of Wind Empowerment to use with grid-connected and stand-alone small wind turbine installations. After discussion at a week long hack camp in Toulouse, France the following data logger system overview was suggested. We are working, along … more

Solar workshop with EWB Nottingham

I have run a number of solar photovoltaic and off-grid power hands-on workshops and I recently ran another solar PV workshop with EWB Nottingham. This was a two hour workshop run at Nottingham hackspace. Engineers Without Borders UK (EWB-UK) is a student run organisation trying to connect engineers with the field of international development. They … more