Reflow Oven Controller

This shows the build for a simple Arduino-based reflow oven controller. This converts a basic toaster oven into a temperature controlled reflow oven for making surface mount circuits. The temperature profile is read from a simple text file on an SD card. This makes changing the temperature profile very easy, without any new code to … more

Printed Circuit Board workshop

I recently ran another ‘how to make a Printed Circuit Board’ workshop at Nottingham Hackspace. This time the PCB was a board to convert an old ATX power supply into a power supply, giving 3.3V, 5V, +/-12V fused outputs with terminal post connections. This PCB was quite simple and single sided. Here is the full … more

Milling PCBs on a CNC

I have a small CNC machine which I mainly used for accurately drilling PCBs. I have done a few experiments on milling PCBs and also here (ie. taking a sheet of copper clad board and cutting away copper where it is not needed). I realised quite quickly that the bed of the CNC must be … more