Adding Sound to Projects

For a recent project, I needed to add some sounds to a product. There are many ways to do this, but I needed to play quite complex sounds and have an easy way of changing the sounds (via an .mp3 or .wav file). This led me to the “WTV020-SD” IC which is a full mp3 … more

Using LineGrinder to make PCBs

Contiuing from this post about using my CNC machine to create PCBs, here is an update on the tool chain from designing circuit board to milling them on my CNC machine. This process is still not perfect, but this is just to remind me of the settings and hopefully it might be useful to other … more

UK post sizing tool

I have needed to post a number of kits in the last couple of weeks. With the new pricing policy from Royal Mail, I needed to make sure that I was correctly paying for the mail. In the post office they have a plastic tool to check the size of packages (mainly for ‘Letter’ and ‘Large … more

RGB LED shield prototype

I’ve been working on a controller for a Red-Green-Blue LED unit from Phenoptix, a local LED and electronic kit supplier. This is basically a voltage regulator and 3 x transistor switches to control each of the colours. This plugs into an Arduino which is used to control the RGB LEDs for any effect that you … more