LED Temperature Display

I recently needed a large and visual temperature display. I managed to put this one together using some parts I had around. I ended up with this 7 segment LED display temperature with a Dallas 1-wire temperature sensor. It works pretty well and has already been useful for a batch of home brewed beer I … more


Shop now on-line

We have been developing a number of prototypes and designs here at Renewable Energy Innovation. These have been a mixture of renewable energy products and open-source kits for promoting the maker community, mainly developed in conjunction with Nottingham Hackspace. This is a short post to say that the renewable energy innovation shop is now on-line … more

Energy bike for Bristol Freshers Fair

Re-Innovation’s LED bar graph and energy bike were hired by Bristol University Sustainability department for use at the university freshers fair. The pedal generator was used as a power generation challenge, with the highest output power winning a fair trade hamper. This meant that it was tested to the max with over 10,000 students visiting … more