Solar PV workshop with EWB Edinburgh

I have been involved with Engineers Without Borders UK for around 4 years, after going on a one-year placement working on remote rural power supply systems for an NGO in the Philippines, called SIBAT. EWB-UK is a student run organisation trying to connect engineers with the field of international development. They do this through placements, … more

Building a solar PV panel

I have been working at Loughborough University on the Low Effort Energy Demand Reduction (LEEDR) project. Chatting with a few of the researchers there I heard about a one-day workshop to stimulate debate on energy supply and demand within the UK. This was organised by students and researchers of the London-Loughborough Centre for Doctoral Research … more

Voltage regulators a go go

I’ve been spending some of today working on a couple of voltage regulators, so I thought I’d write it up here as it might be useful. The first one is a simple 12V to 5V linear regulator to recharge various USB devices – the interesting part of this is getting an iPhone 3G to charge … more

PCB boards

PCB delivery

Just had a delivery of the PCBs for the bat detector I built (check the post out here). They were produced by Stickleback Manufacturing in the UK. They sell PCB etching by the square foot on eBay. It took a while to get delivery (10 working days required plus delivery) but they are pretty well … more

Inverter repair

This is just a quick post on repairing an inverter. I have a Studer Joker 200 inverter. This is a device which converts DC electricity into AC electricity – converting 12V DC from a battery into 240V AC which we get from our plug sockets (in Europe). I have had this inverter for quite a … more