Pedal powered cinema at Portobello market

I have been working with Magnificent Revolution for a couple of years now. They do all things pedal power related such as pedal powered sound systems, stages for festivals and cinemas. They also do loads of pedal power workshops (build your own!) and educational events. I have been working on an LED power and energy … more

Cargo bike for eco-transport

We have recently increased our load carrying potential here at re-innovation. I do not have a car (although I do have access to a car share group) so moving things around has usually meant perching large loads onto the pannier rack of my bike. This has now totally changed with the addition of a 8-freight … more

Small Is… Festival

Last weekend I went to the Small Is… Festival 2011 which was held within the grounds of the Schumacher Centre for Technology and Development, near Rugby. This is a weekend of discussion and hands-on workshops relating to international development and inspired by the writings of E.F Schumacher (who wrote the book ‘Small is Beautiful. A … more