Controlling an AC load

For the recent solar care race timer project, we needed to control a large AC load (a bank of 2.4kW of lights) with the output of a micro-controller (just 5V and less than 20mA). There are a number of ways to do this including relays and transistors. We wanted a quick and in-expensive option. I … more

Using a real time clock with a microcontroller

I have been working on a little LED display unit, which I am hoping to produce in kit form. This is designed to be used as a programmable LED display for numerous applications. I also wanted to include some additional features so that the display can be used instantly. The display uses a sure 8 … more

Nottingham Barcamp

I have just got back home after attending Nottingham Barcamp. This was a 30 hour long unconference, which is a free, unplanned conference where the attendees provide the content. The rules are give a 20 min talk on any subject but it must be new content. I presented a short talk on my thoughts and … more

Nanodes – online with Pachube

Continuing from the previous nanode blog post, this is some information on my next steps. I wanted to show some data and have it uploaded to the internet and accessible from anywhere.   I had read about Pachube and the internet of things but had not had a play with it until I found some … more

Nanode’s a go-go

I have recently bought a couple of nanodes to play with. These are ethernet enabled arduinos for cheap and easy internet connectivity. Devices can be controlled from anywhere via the internet. Data can be streamed to data logging sites. The potential uses for these little boards is vast. This is a post about my experiences … more