Double sided PCBs

This post explains my process for creating relatively good quality double-sided printed circuit boards. I use these to test prototypes before sending them off to get professionally made in batches. My process is no way near as good as a professional service as I cannot easily add solder masks or silk screens to the boards. … more

Nottingham Carnival of Cycling

Renewable energy innovation has an active program of renewable energy promotion. We have a number of pedal generators and solar PV system which can be used to interactively engage the public, helping to explain the concepts of power and energy and promote renewable energy sources and energy efficiency. We created our pedal powered water cannons … more

Pedal power speed monitor

I have just finished a speed monitor for my pedal generator. This is designed to give feedback of the speed of the rider (in MPH) if they were moving along while they are on one of my pedal power generators. I could have just used a simple bike computer, but I wanted something a bit … more

Pedal power at Tollerton Village Fete

Renewable energy innovation has been involved with pedal power systems for a number of years. We still find time to demonstrate renewable energy in action in a fun and interactive way. On Saturday we set up a pedal powered smoothie stall at Tollerton Village Fete, just south of Nottingham. Using just pedal power to arrive … more

Wireless communication using XRF modules

I have been working on a power and energy monitor which has a remote display. It would be best if there were no wires between the monitor and the display. I wanted to use my pedalog as the basis of this system but I also wanted to keep the development time down to a minimum. … more