Creating auto-install software for Windows

This blog post is all about the fun I have had getting a C# application I have developed for the pedalog (pedal power monitor) to run as an easy-to-install .exe file. I thought this would be easy and it probably is to folk who have done it before… Firstly I had written an application using … more

VDIP1 USB Module

Recently I have been working on trying to store information to some form of on-board storage – either a flash drive or SD card. This has been a frustrating process as there are many options, but none with easy to find information on how to implement it exactly how I wanted – on a PIC18F4550 … more

Project List

This is a list of projects and potential projects that RE-Innovation is busy working on: Project Date Concept Design Prototype Testing Production Spectral Irradiance Sensor 14/9/13 Complete         Communications Protocol 20/9/13  Beta         PV I-V Curve Tracer 14/9/13 Complete  Complete  Complete     Solar Irradiance Sensor 14/9/13 Complete   … more