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This is a simple voltage regulator kit based upon the LM2574 step-down regulator IC.

If you have every needed to efficiently step-down a voltage from anything up to 60V DC to 5V regulated then this kit is for you. It can supply up to 500mA of current and is a DC-DC switching circuit which efficiently steps-down the voltage.

It is available from just £7 (including delivery within the UK).


This is a step-down DC-DC converter based upon the LM2574 IC. This kit was designed for use with our renewabel energy systems. Lots of these are based upon 12V/24V/48V lead acid batteries, but lots of our monitoring equipment runs at 5V DC. We needed a simple unit to efficiently step-down the voltage to power variou displays and data logging equipment.

This kit has been so useful itself, we thought we would sell it on its own.

It can step down from 7-40V DC (for the normal voltage range) or 7-60V DC (for the high voltage range) to a regulated 5V DC. The maximum output current is 500mA.

As this is a DC-DC converter it does not get hot, even when stepping down from high voltages and supplying high currents. It is a fully through-hole kit.


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This board is a relatively simple soldering exercise and should take around 1 hour to build.

Buy One

You can buy one directly here. There are two versions, the normal, which works with an input voltage up to 40V DC and the high voltage version, which works with an input voltage up to 60V DC.

LM2574 Kit delivery options


No ImageThe parts in the kit.


The build instructions are here:

Schematic Diagram

This is the circuit diagram.

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KiCAD PCB files

The design is open source and available as a download from GITHUB (coming soon).

Here are the silkscreen, front and back copper images of the PCB:

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